Personal Sound and Hearing Amplifier | Audiology Doctor and Engineer Designed

WonderHearingAid is a personal sound amplifier (PSAP) that not only amplifies sound, but it enhances your hearing as well. By using WonderHearing Aid you will be connecting with your friends, loved ones, and everyone around you with a clear, and soothing sound.

Easily Adjustable

Simply adjust the volume,
and program settings with
just a push of a button to
adapt to almost any noise
in your surroundings.

Flexible Fitting
for Comfort,
Discreet Design

Perfect fit to make you forget
you’re wearing a Personal
Sound Amplifier.

Assembled, and
Ready to Use

Wondering Hearing Aid is
delivered to you already
assembled, which makes it
easy and ready ready to
be used right out of the box.


High Quality Performance, Wherever You Go.

This comfortable form has modes that are personalized for you,
so you won’t be missing any conversation with anyone, anywhere.

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Be a part of a conversation with anyone, wherever you go.

The advanced technology noise reduction has an everyday mode that is personalized for you. It also includes modes for noisy conditions, such as restaurants and sports games. In addition, you will also get an entertainment mode for music, movies, and theater experiences. You will be able to cherish, and enjoy every moment around you.

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Designed to make you forget you’re wearing anything at all.

No one will notice you’re wearing a device, because this easily adjusts for personal fit. The comfortable slim style for over-the- ear placement, and the discreet design will make you forget you’re wearing a personal sound amplifier.

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